Getting To Know CCMA.

Promoting the science and art of medicine, care and well-being of patients, protection of the public health, and betterment of the medical profession.


Board of Directors

Executive Committee:
David Dodson, MD, President
Jennifer Hone, MD, President-Elect
Daniel Berger, MD, Secretary
Joseph Schwartz, MD, Treasurer
Charity Dean, MD, MPH, Immediate Past President

Jonathan Berkowitz, MD, PhD
Philip Delio, MD
Lisa Ercolini-Bhatia, MD
Doug Jacobson, MD
Bindu Kamal, MD
Samira Kayumi-Rashti, MD
Doug Murphy, MD
Juan Reynoso, MD

Delegation to the California Medical Association

Sharon Basham, MD, District V Chair
Edward Bentley, MD
David Dodson, MD
Jennifer Hone, MD
John Sawyer, MD
Joe Schwartz, MD

Alternate Delegates:
Sam Ahmad, MD
Charity Dean, MD, MPH
Christopher Lumsdaine, MD
Doug Murphy, MD
Jenni Nix, MD
Steven Yao, MD

District V CMA Trustee:
Ronald Thurston, MD

Delegation to the American Medical Association

Edward Bentley, MD