Getting To Know CCMA.

Promoting the science and art of medicine, care and well-being of patients, protection of the public health, and betterment of the medical profession.


2023 Board of Directors

Executive Committee:
Julie Fallon, MD, President
Douglas Murphy, MD, President-Elect
Todd Engstrom, MD, Treasurer
Rachel May, MD, Secretary
Samira Kayumi-Rashti, MD, Immediate Past President

Kevin Casey, MD
Michael DiBiase, MD
Priti Gagneja, MD
Jennifer Hone, MD
Bindu Kamal, MD
Christopher Quijano, DO
Rachel May, MD
Rahim Raoufi, MD
Daniel Roshan, MD

Delegation to the CMA's House of Delegates

Sharon Basham, MD
Edward Bentley, MD
Kevin Casey, MD
David Dodson, MD
Julie Fallon, MD
Priti Gagneja, MD
Jennifer Hone, MD
Samira Kayumi-Rashti, MD
Christopher Lumsdaine, MD
Douglas Murphy, MD

District V CMA Trustee

Rene' Bravo, MD


Delegation to the American Medical Association

Jennifer Hone, MD