Membership with CCMA and CMA is invaluable...

it gives you access to services and tools that will assist your personal and professional development and contributes to the overall strength of organized medicine.

Why I'm A Member

Kevin Casey, MD

Vascular Surgery

With such a busy schedule, it’s enjoyable to take time for fun events with other physicians and healthcare professionals. We realize that we’re all in it together and I’m amazed how willing each is able to help each other. The annual membership meeting and other events recognize the tremendous community work being done here. I’m proud to salute Central Coast Medical Association and all they do on our behalf and that of the communities we serve.

Phil Delio, MD

Phil Delio, MD


Having been a member of the Central Coast Medical Association for many years, I’ve found it to be very rewarding and helpful for my practice. From office management seminars to state-wide efforts, membership has made me realize that as an individual doctor, I’m still part of a larger effort with a stronger healthcare voice.

Douglas Murphy, MD

Douglas Murphy, MD


There are more and more demands on doctors these days. Running a practice can be challenging. My membership in Central Coast Medical Association (CCMA) provides me with the tools to improve my practice and become more efficient in all we do. The CCMA is a local association of physicians addressing local needs. Best investment I’ve made!.

Jennifer Hone, MD


When it comes to healthcare leadership, Central Coast Medical Association (CCMA), which is a component of the California Medical Association, is recognized as the main healthcare association for our area. It’s the only association that is solely focused on helping all physicians. CCMA cuts through the clutter of new healthcare policy to provide members with the relevant points that affect their practice.